Adult Sunday Classes

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James, A Study by Matt Chandler (Men)
We don’t work to be saved, we work because we are saved. But without faith our works are empty service, and without works our faith is dead. This dynamic relationship is the heart of this study of the book of James. Faith keeps us humble rather than proud, directs our tongues to bless rather than to curse, and causes us to show mercy rather than judgement. Faith leads us to true religion that extends toward others. Faith motivates us to preach the gospel to every tribe, nation, and tongue. Faith impels us to worship our God for all eternity. This is the message of James: faith works.
Workbooks are $15.
Begins 9/13 @ 9:45am
OR 9/14 @ 7:00pm
OR 9/18 @ 6:00am
men@efcb.orgRoom 201
Precept Bible Study (Women)
Ladies, come join the Wednesday morning Precept class for our study of Philippians.
We meet Wednesdays from 8:45–10:45 a.m.
(note the time change) in the South Overflow, Sept. 16–Nov. 18.
Cost is $23. Please sign up ahead of
time if at all possible. More information is at
Child care is available.
We will continue with
Galatians & Exodus next year, Jan. 6–May 13.
Begins 9/16 @ 8:45amCarol Kankelborg at 406-451-3353 or email her at If there is demand, there may be a virtual option.
South Fellowship Hall
Women’s Discipleship
Stay tuned for women’s discipleship opportunities!
Stay tuned for women’s discipleship opportunities!Kirsten Stewart
Bible Exposition Class (Primarily Seniors, Open to All)

This class features Bible exposition, hymn singing, lots of questions andcomments, God-sightings, prayer requests, missionary reports, and rich fellowship.
Sundays at 9:50 amChris Blackmore
Blackmore Room (upstairs)