Matt. 28:19-20, NIV

Jesus has commanded us to make disciples of all nations, and that is why we are passionate about missions at E-Free Church! Currently we support over 40 missionaries in over a dozen countries worldwide, and we want to keep sending more.



Tom and Michelle serve in Central Asia. They are leading the LeaderImpact team that includes ministry to Business Professionals and Family Life. They provide business training in areas such as EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and effective team communication skills. They host short-term teams of professionals to conduct business training in a number of areas to enable companies to be more successful.   He is part of the national leadership team.  She is the team leader for Family Life. They are helping lead a HomeBuilders group as an outreach to families they have met through business training and Toastmasters. Their elder son graduated in physics from MSU in May 2020 and is starting graduate school at the University of Utah.  Their younger son graduated from an international high school and will be spending a gap year with his parents. 

The Bensons

The Bensons spent 28 years serving in Asia with OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship). Arnie’s new role is a missions consultant. He is working with churches to help them improve their mission efforts. OMF offers free consultation including a number of workshops like missionary care, how to do short-term missions well, how to use stories for evangelism and missions, how to raise awareness and excitement in the congregation for God’s heart for the nations, etc. Lora Jean is a ministry coach. Her role is a contact person for those seriously considering long term missions. She walks alongside these new workers, helping them find the best place of service and answering many questions along the way.

D. Berglund

This missionary is working in Asia Pacific with New Tribes Mission (NTM) translating God’sWord into the Semandang tribal language. She spends time in jungle villages in order to be closer to the people to whom she ministers. Darcy Berglund is serving the Asia-Pacific field full time itinerantly from Sheridan, WY. She is involved in Bible Translation in the Semandang tribal language along with her team in West Kalimantan. In addition to that, Darcy helps teams working in West Kalimantan with literacy projects in a number of tribal language groups. Darcy’s major focus currently is to reformat and prepare the Embaloh language Bible for reprinting since the village had a fire last year that destroyed most of their Bibles.

G. and P. Berglund

The Berglunds work with New Tribes Mission (NTM) in Asia Pacific. G. began working with the B. people, a remote tribal group with a population of about 90,000 people. However, due to security and transportation issues, the team had to leave the area. In the meantime, he had been teaching at the NTM National Training Center in Asia Pacific. G. traveled to the interior regularly to encourage and train the believers among the B. people. Conditions changed in the region and the Berglunds moved their family to live among the B. people in fall of 2010. In 2011 they had to undergo an emergency evacuation due to the serious illness of their youngest. They returned in August 2012 to a city where they help new missionaries get oriented and learn the national language and culture. P. is teaching full time at the international school enabling them to continue financially with NTM.

ron and nita

Ron and Nita Berglund are missionaries with NewTribes Mission (NTM) in the Asia Pacific area. Ron was the NTM field chairman for the region for many years while they lived in a Semandang tribal area. The Dyak people, who live in the region, consist of 85 distinct tribes each with its own language and culture. NTM works with more than 10 of these tribes. Their goal was to help establish viable churches which are now reaching out to others who do not yet know God and who are without hope. Ron and Nita have transitioned into “retirement”, and moved to Sheridan WY, but will return often to the Asia Pacific area to help continue to work in the area of church planting and development.


These missionaries live with their teammates among a tribal people group in West Africa. He works with the men and government in tackling the local erosion problem. This has led to a tree nursery and a village tree planting committee responsible for planting thousands of trees, which led to welding steel tree protectors and bicycle repair. She takes care of their children while spending time with the women and children and also ministers to the sick through care and prayer.

Robert & Kelsey both graduated from Montana State University in 2015, and have since been serving as staff members with Cru in Bozeman.  They are passionate about giving students the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus, to deepen that relationship, and to learn to share it with others.
As full-time staff with Cru we are so excited to be joining the staff team at the University of Anchorage, Alaska to share the gospel with the 17,000 college students there! Both of us were really involved with Cru as students and it was huge in our faith to be among a community that prioritized their walk with God as the most important thing in their life. We want to be part of establishing a community for students, teach them to share and multiply their faith, and most of all, we want to help them know how to walk with God for the rest of their life.

John has officially retired but continues teaching cross-cultural communication of the Gospel. He uses the example of the Dani church to encourage the church in the two-thirds world to reach those who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. He is not traveling as much as before. John is also in the process of writing down his teaching and missions knowledge to pass along to future generations.

Doug and Nancy

Doug and Nancy have served in SE Asia for over 30 years primarily in the area of resource development and church planting training for local indigenous believers in the region.  Our goal is to equip and resource local churches to work toward their own maturity as they learn how to engage in the Great Commission task of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.  We do this largely through teaching them how to engage local communities in the heart language and with a clear understanding of the world view that they already have so that teaching and discipleship can bring them into a clear understanding of God’s grace.


Greetings from Lorain Ohio.  God has taken us on quite a journey these past 20+ years that Bozeman E-Free has walked with us.  When we forged off to seminary in South Carolina, you were with us. When we were church planters in the Philippines, you were there.  When God took us to Mumbai, India to work with Muslims, you followed us, and when we came back to the States to live with Melinda’s dad for the last few years of his life, you were with us then, too.

Jim began discipling men one on one in India and since our return, we have been engaged in one on one discipleship wherever we have lived.  Here in Ohio we continue to disciple several men and women between us, and don’t anticipate ever stopping.  Jim is in touch on a weekly basis with the two, Ha and Mohammad, whom he discipled in Mumbai.  We are engaged with our church here in Lorain in a new church start, and one on one discipleship there will be our ministry.  We count nothing more important that we could be doing in these last years of our lives, than helping people draw nearer to the Lord as genuine disciples of Christ.  That will continue to be our passion until we are no longer able.  …in His service.


Matt and MeeHee have had the privilege of serving with Cru at MSU since 2009. Matt serves as the Team Leader for the Cru staff team whose goal at MSU is to win students to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out to make a difference in the world. Matt and MeeHee have the joy of working with MSU athletes and coaches through Cru’s Athletes In Action ministry, as well.

Brett LaShelle

After working for 30 years as an Associate Pastor at E-Free Church and believing there was no more effective way to reach the world for Christ than to reach those God was bringing to Bozeman from other countries, Brett made a lateral move to work on the campus of Montana State University to reach international students with the Gospel. These students often return to their homes with their US degrees to become leaders in their field of study and so there is no better time to reach them than while they are here so they can become Salt and Light for the Gospel when they return.

Montana State is the temporary home to approximately 700 international students, many coming from countries which are hard to reach through traditional missionary means like China, India and the Middle East. Brett loves people and Gospel of Jesus Christ and finds no greater joy then watching the two come together.

Thank you for joining us in reaching and changing the world by volunteering, praying and giving financially to support the work of ISI on the campus of MSU. We appreciate you!


The Leatherwoods are now working globally to help illiterate people learn to read and write. Their teachers in Pakistan have now finished six literacy pilot classes and are beginning the second course of 4 months of classes to teach adults how to read and write. Rick and Laura are working together with Literacy Evangelism International to train teachers and raise the awareness of the church that one billion people in the world are illiterate. The illiterate people in Africa and Asia represent the largest groups of unreached peoples in the world.

Pat and Tammy McLeod

Pat began attending E-free in 1979, the week before he committed his life to Christ. He considers E-free pastor Chris Blackmore (who performed Pat and Tammy’s wedding in 1983) a life-long mentor and spiritual leader in his life. Pat and Tammy led the Cru ministry at MSU for twelve years before moving to Boston in 1999 to help lead the Cru Boston ministry and serve as Harvard Chaplains. Boston is host to 43 colleges and universities consisting of 250,000 students, including 50,000 international students. They have helped launch campus ministries in Asia, Europe and Africa. All four of their kids (Chelsea, Zachary, Nathaniel and Soren) were born in Bozeman and dedicated to Christ in Efree. In 2008, Pat and Tammy’s son Zach suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that left him with serious physical and mental disabilities. Their journey into the world of ambiguous loss is the subject of their book, Hit Hard: One family’s journey of letting go of what was—and learning to live well with what is.

Dave and Libbie Oberly have worked as staff with InterVarsity Christian Dave and Libbie Oberly work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship a campus ministry, with the hopes of serving with a sister movement in Uruguay, South America.  Uruguay is widely considered the most secular nation in the Americas, only about 4% of the population sees religion as important in their lives. It has often been referred to as a spiritual desert and historically regarded as “The Graveyard of Latin American Missions.”  The spiritual culture of the country has also left the colleges and universities of Uruguay an overlooked group, making our response to this calling all the more important and strategic. The group in Uruguay only has a few students and small groups in the whole country, so we have a big opportunity to help build the campus ministries throughout the country.


Lauren and Connie Runia serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the International Media Services Department, serving translators in 93 different countries with their audio/visual skills. Their work currently involves supporting Bible translation in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands through training and mentoring national media teams. They are teaching the teams to make audio recordings of the Bible and to dub the Jesus video and other Scripture videos into many tribal languages. They are based in Montana, but make trips to the South Pacific every year to mentor and plan with the teams.


Linda works in resource development and acquisition for EQUIP which is a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America, Reach Global. She also coordinates Outreach English Classes. There is a huge interest in learning English around the world. The EQUIP team focuses on equipping local churches and missionaries to serve in fulfilling The Great Commission. When not traveling, Linda works out of her home. Her responsibilities also include developing and acquiring resources for short term teams, missionaries, and local E-Free churches. She had a major role in launching the online missions course Kingdom Expansion 101 and other training courses that introduce missions to churches and individuals and help them use English Teaching around the world.


Dwight and Maria serve with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), working with graduate and professional students and faculty members at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and the Baltimore, MD, area. The JHU Graduate Fellowship meets weekly for singing, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. They engage in a variety of other fellowship and outreach activities designed to appeal to and minister to graduate students on campus. Maria is involved on a volunteer basis with this group, as she works full time at Loyola College. In 2010 Dwight became the area director for the Mid-Atlantic area for IVCF’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries.


David Sodergren leads the outreach to international students on the MSU Bozeman campus through International Students, Inc. (ISI). At any one time there may be over 400 international students here at MSU. They are the best and brightest from their countries, many of which are closed to traditional missionaries. David and the other ISI staff reach out to these students to befriend them and share the love of Christ with them. They help them get settled on campus and provide Friendship Partners, and  also offer activities to help them get to know each other and to meet and make friends with Americans.


The Uraimov’s work with Athletes in Action (a ministry of CRU) in Central Asia.  Ravshan is the Crisis Manager for the area, while Lisa is the New Staff Training Coordinator for their country.  Ravshan’s focus is to train and oversee crisis managers for the 10 countries in their area so  that ministry will continue safely and staff will remain healthy.  Lisa’s focus is overseeing the training program for new staff and their trainers.  Ravshan and Lisa work together to reach athletes and sports influencers for Christ in their country and beyond.  They are also a part of the Global Church Movement ministry strategy with CRU.


The Workmans currently live in Paris, France where they serve with Cru. Dan remains involved in internet ministry through Cru’s French everystudent.com sites. He also leads a creative team providing videos, illustrations, animations, or other design resources to the ministry. May works at both at a national and global level for Cru, leading France’s technology team and as the technical lead on the Make Giving Easy project. This is to provide Cru staff in countries all over the world with online giving solutions, an enormous need. Both Dan and May graduated from MSU and attended E Free church while in Bozeman. They have been serving internationally Cru since 2001.

Serving in Central Asia with International missionary organization from 2004, doing Campus ministry and raising local leaders among students and graduates, building a Student-led movement. Served in Caspian region in 2014-2020, doing Campus ministry. Now we keep focusing on developing local leaders among young professionals and campus laborers in the Central Asian region. We have 3 children. Thanks for your support!


Hope of the Nations’ focus is education, specifically teaching the Kingdom of God to bring hope. The medical ministry extends their reach to the remote villages along Lake Tanganyika to further spread the Good News. This is a legacy of the Ramsey’s medical mission there.

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The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach (SPCO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Bozeman, Montana. It is a faith based organization with a mission to create better environments and brighter futures for children without families. SPCO partners with the Rehoboth Children’s Home in the Philippines to care for children who have been orphaned, abandoned, abuse or neglected. New facilities construction, staff training, administrative guidance, and the development of early education programs are some of the ways that SPCO has helped to make the Rehoboth Children’s Home a place of quality care for children who need a safe haven while an alternative plan is being made for their futures. On the home front, SPCO is licensed as a child placing agency with the state of Montana, able to conduct home studies for families wishing to pursue international adoption. It is also Hague accredited and authorized by the government of the Philippines to place children from that country for adoption. SPCO has a special concern for older, waiting children and has been operating a summer hosting program for school age orphans since 2002 with many of the children finding love and permanency with an adoptive family as a result of their hosting experience.

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How to Be a Part of Missions from Home

Missions is not just about the missionary halfway across the globe in a remote location surrounded by bugs and humidity. It is about understanding God’s love for the world, His unwillingness that “any should perish.” It is about supporting those whom God has sent to minister directly with the lost. It is about reaching out to the lost whom God has placed around you. Here are some practical ways to participate in missions right here in Bozeman.

Take advantage of opportunities to meet missionaries who are passing through. Get to know them, their ministry, and the people they minister to.

When missionaries on home assignment come to visit they need a place to stay. For those who have a prolonged visit, they may need furniture and other basic necessities during their stay. Missions & More (Ann Yocom, 587-2919) meets regularly to sew for the benefit of missionaries overseas. Joining the Missions Committee (Carol Dahlseide 406-839-6387) is another way to serve missionaries.

There are many opportunities to meet missionaries where they live by going on a short term mission trip or by visiting a missionary during a trip abroad. Even one week will take you out of your comfort zone and give you a taste of what missionaries go through. Local ministries can always use volunteers.

The two main prayer requests for missionaries are the missionary’s personal walk with God and the openness of the people they are ministering to. If you do not know what to pray, pray through scripture such as Philippians 1:9-11. Come to the missions prayer time during Sunday classes to learn what is happening in the lives of our missionaries and to pray for them. Pray for the missionaries listed below. The more you are involved in learning about missions and missionaries, the better informed your prayers will be.

Read biographies of missionaries. Read about other countries and cultures. Read the newspaper. Learn about the world beyond your doorstep. Read the missionary letters that are posted on the bulletin board at church. Visit the church library.

Study the Bible and learn what it has to say about reaching the lost, about serving and loving one another. Apply what you learn in your life.

Missionaries are far from home, often in a different culture. Letters and emails are a welcome break. A simple card on a birthday can mean a lot. When writing, be careful about what you say to missionaries in sensitive countries. For email, keep your notes small and personal. Missionaries abroad may have to pay for download time. Plain text is fine, but watch images and attachments.

Missionaries always need financial support. The funds they raise cover both their salary and their ministry expenses. There are regular needs and special onetime needs. Any gift, no matter how small, is appreciated

Sending Missionaries

If you are considering missions, whether for one week or the rest of your life, we would love to hear about it and see how we could be part of your sending team.

Download the Short-term Missions Application if you are going on a short-term (less than 2 years) mission trip and are looking for financial support. The annual application deadline is April 15.

If you are going to serve long-term (over 2 years) and are looking for financial support download the Long-term Missions Application

Please Note:  Only fill out an application if you have already made contact with an E-Free Missions representative who has invited you to do so.  We don’t want to waste your time.  Thank you for understanding that all resources are finite and must be prioritized.

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